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Receiving Blankets! Soft cotton jersey knits!

Sometime this month I am expecting the arrival of grandbaby #4!  During the Thanksgiving holiday weekend we had a baby shower for my daughter – lots of clothes & story books, but not a single receiving blanket!  So while I’ve been finishing up her wedding quilt and starting the baby’s quilt — I’ve made some over-sized receiving blankets out of cotton jersey knit.  Joann’s had some adorable prints – 58″ wide.  I bought 1-1/4 yds of four different prints – ample.

First decide your size – I chose 42-inch square for my size.  I then folded it fourths to round the corners.  Use a can or lid as a pattern.

Use a can or lid to make a square corner round.

Next cut your strips for the binding – cotton jersey knit has more stretch crosswise – cut length wise instead for a more stable edge.  1-3/4 inch width worked out nicely.  

Time to join the pieces – on the bias spreads out the bulk.

Binding pieces joined on the bias.

Next you’re going to sew the binding and blanket square together – wrong side of blanket to right side of binding.  Start with a tail about 6-8 inches long.  Round corners can be a bit tricky but look great when your finished – you’ll need to stretch the blanket a bit at the corner while not stretching the binding.

Stretch the blanket corner while attaching the binding. Once you get around the corner - STOP stretching.

Joining the binding when you come back around is a breeze!  Really!  You can get a little measuring square to help you out

Binding tool - not necessary.

but I’m going to tell you how without the tool!  Stop stitching about 6-8 inches before you get to the start – hopefully you have two tails that overlap.

Leave a space for joining the ends.

Take ONE tail and cut it straight across about mid way in the space left.  Now take a ruler and put it flush with the cut end, overlap the uncut tail over that and then make a cut at the same measurement as the width of your binding – in my case 1-3/4 inches from the end of the ruler.

Using a ruler to connect your binding ends.

Now to connect  the two ends

Square up the ends at a right angle and sew across the bias.

Trim off the excess, press open and it should lay nice and flat for you to finish attaching to the blanket.

Nice fit - ready to finish up.

Pressing the edges - watch your fingers! ouch!

Time to press  – press the seam toward the binding and on the raw edge of the binding fold & press a 1/4 inch allowance.

Using a stitch in the ditch foot & needle moved a few notches to the right.

Time to sew again!  I have found using my stitch in the ditch foot, adjusting the needle location over 3 or 4 notches to the right, gets me set up for a very nice top-stitched edge.

A bit blurry - you'll need to stretch it a bit to keep the binding square to itself.

Once again on the corners you’ll need to do a bit of stretch of the blanket – try to keep the binding square to the binding so you’ll need to stretch the blanket enough to do that.

Done!  Note one on the right I did with the binding cut on the crosswise – you can see a bit of wave to the blanket edges versus the one on the left lying nice and flat.

Suggestions for next month’s topic?  I’m thinking about focusing on applique – #4 grandbaby’s quilt has 16 squares of applique that I’ll be focused on for the next couple of weeks!

FYI – Why the blog?

So real quick because I’m working on a major quilting project I want done tonight….

Yahoo changed their web server that I had my website registered with.   I was considering changing to another web design/server but hadn’t had time to make the change.  In the meantime yahoo kept charging me monthly for my website that I couldn’t access or make changes to unless I upgraded to their new designer/server.  So this fall my credit card they had on file expired and I chose not to update the info, so the website is supposed to be offline – but it is still there if you want to go there – just not update-able.  It is

In the meantime I started blogging for friends & family.  I noticed several other quilters & fabric store owners were doing the same and so here I am setting up to blog for my business.

There are some downsides – you can’t download my price/order form or design catalog.  But if you do want an order form or my design catalog – just post a comment here or drop me an email at

On the upside I don’t get charged a monthly fee by yahoo for something I can’t change.   And I can easily share what I’m working on without having to mess with html codes and stuff like I did with updating a website.

A few other answers to questions asked – batting.  I do carry it in limited quantities – primarily for my out-of-state or rural customers.  I try to encourage my clients to support their local quilt shops – they support me in allowing me to meet with customers & arrange drop-offs & pick-ups.

Locations – I have arrangements with 3 quilt shops – Quilt & Sew in Fredericksburg, Virginia; That Little Quilt Shop in Madison, Virginia and Cottonwood in Charlottesville, Virginia.   I’m open to meeting at other locations – libraries, grocery store parking lots, etc.

Due to changes at home I now go to the quilt shops on the 1st & 3rd TUESDAYS of each month – although this month I skipped going out today.   There are 5 Tuesdays this month and with a grandbaby expected this month I’m being a bit off schedule.  I will probably be out at the shops next Tuesday – January 10th.  And then depending on the baby – either Jan 24 or Feb 7th.    If you’re in Fredericksburg area and want to meet otherwise just drop me an email or call me  (540)846-9982 – I’m in town with kids’ activities other days of the week and can work something out.

Well – back to finishing a quilt!   Again feel free to post a comment here, drop me an email or give me a call!