And another year … and another year have passed me by….

So I’ll start with the bad news…. I’m slowing down. I’m still quilting but I will be limiting my work load.

For 15 years you’ve been witness to 7 weddings & 24 grandchildren and many of my quilting & non-quilting projects as well as your own quilts that have crossed my path. These past two years have had their challenges for our home. My husband’s Parkinson continues to worsen – that is what it does, so I’ve taken on more of role with managing his company, dealing with his clients & more. It has left less time for my own business but life is always presenting changes. When I started 15 years ago – I became the primary provider as the construction industry had gone belly up. I made enough to put food on the table, make the payment on my machine, buy supplies, & a few extras. As long as I needed the extra income, the Lord blessed me with great clients with lots of quilts. As time has gone by the need for extra income declined as did the quilting work. My husband new business ( now 13 years old) of providing internet services improved with each passing year to where we now provide full time employment for 3 of our children, 1 non family and part time for other children. It keeps us all busy!

The good news – I don’t need to quilt for work anymore. Really haven’t needed to for several years now, but I do enjoy it. I love the relationships & friendships I’ve developed with several of you over the years. One of you has been like a mom, others like sisters. A few of you came to the house and entertained my mom when I was caring for her. I have no plans to give up any of those!

So for my wonderful clients that have been with me through the years I’m still here for you! But I might take a bit longer to finish your quilts…..

Enjoy the photos! It’s two years worth but less than what previous years produced.

Grand baby #22

One of mine
New hobby to de-stress Paint by Numbers
One of mine
Youngest daughter wedding quilt – still haven’t finished quilting… sigh
Grandbaby #21 quilt
Skirts for granddaughters – pain in the butt!
Mermaid scarf long overdue to be blocked!
Little Red Hood cape for my granddaughter and my toes
Norwegian style knitting
Grandbaby #23 and his quilt
Refugee quilts
Dress for granddaughter

Quilts 2018

It has been a very hectic year in my life. I’d like to believe that the next two months I can just relax and breathe, but not holding my breath.

Here’s what you’ve been busy doing this year with a few of my own interspersed!

A new year & quilting NEWS

Well its a new year!  The last several months have been an adjustment with my mom living with us, but we’ve finally fallen into somewhat of a rhythm with her.

Two quilt shops closed this fall!  So that meant coming up with alternate plans for deliveries & pick ups.

Fredericksburg area – Come on down to Partlow & see my studio!  Mom loves to chat if she’s here.  I enrolled her at a senior care center 3 days a week.  She loves it – she gets to chat with “new” people, play games & play the piano.  I get time to work without too many interruptions.  Please call for an appointment 540-846-9982.

Culpeper/Madison area – we are back in Madison.  The ladies at Tanner Interiors approached me about hosting as a delivery/pick up site. Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays between 10 am and 3 pm.  If these times don’t work for you, please let me know.

Tanner Interiors – Nancy Tanner & Lucille Broyles
542 Fairground Rd
Madison Va 22727
Farm, long driveway on Pratts side of Madison Primary School.
Sign at road.

I also signed up on Instagram as hummingbirdhollowcreation 

It’s a great way to follow what I’m up to at home & in the studio!  Your works will continue to be posted here on the blog! Here they are!

Quilt Pictures ONLY

Too busy to actually write something worthwhile so here’s a slide show of the year thus far!