My name is Helen Smith, owner of Hummingbird Hollow Creations.  I’ve been sewing, quilting, knitting, cross-stitching, etc since I was a small child.  I love to do things with my hands.

For years I primarily hand-quilted and did a few on the old sewing machine – that was a pain.  So in 2004 as we were planning a new home, my husband & I discussed getting a “long-arm” table for my machine – so I could do more for myself.  I had done plenty of custom sewing for people over the years – wedding dresses, choral dresses, bridesmaid dresses, even draperies.  I really hadn’t thought about doing quilting for people –  but then we started thinking about the future.

So in 2007 I started researching in-depth.  I spent about 3 months working with another long arm quilter until I had the financing arranged to get my own machine and tada!  Here we are today with over  700 quilts completed!  I also decided to do design work as well!  Gammill-Statler has a few of them that they give to new long-arm quilters when they buy a machine and Ellen Munnich at http://www.quiltrecipes.com is my sole distributor – she sells them to long-arm quilters that use Gammill and other machine types.

I  love it all!  From the creative process to the happy satisfied customers!  And I have some great customers that I love & adore – many have become great friends!

Feel free to drop me line, leave a comment, ask a question ~


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17 thoughts on “About

  1. Helen, I am interested in having you quilt a t-shirt quilt for me. My friend, Colleen Begin, gave me your name. I believe you have quilted for her in the past. Please let me know where I need to start to get you to do this project for me. I have the top ready.

  2. Helen,

    I got your name from The Little Quilt Shop. I have a 64×81 quilt I have pieced for my grandson for Christmas. I need to know what I need to do to get the top, backing and batting to you to have it finished by Christmas. Do I need to put the three layers together or is this something you would rather do? Do you have an estimate of about how much it will cost to have it done? Please reply.

    Thank you.

    • I am ready to bring my quilt to The Little Shop today. Before I bring it, I need to know approximately how much your fees are. The quilt is 64×84 and I just want a stippling or simple overall design. The quilt is 6x6blocks of regular demin and regular cotton borders around each one in Star Wars fabric. Please respond as soon as you can.

      Thank you.

      Nancy Clark

  3. I have 4 twin sized t-shirt quilt tops that I need to have quilted. I this something that you could do? What would I need to provide and what is the approximate cost?

  4. We are having dinner with Elder Smith and Elder Lowell. Elder Smith was telling about your talents. And, your son was telling us about your recipe Creamy Chicken Lasagna. When you get a minute, will you send it to us?

  5. I was entranced by a quilt you did for Marilyn- parrots and Hawaiian theme fabric. Have been a happy hand quilter,but this Amish one is way too big for my 90 inch frame. Size is 108 long and 96 wide. That is before the 5 inches for attaching to your long arm machine. Can I just machine sew extra to the finished back (on the top as well?). Thread ? Do I provide or do you? Lots of questions.

    • Absolutely feel free to add fabric as needed – better safe than sorry! I generally provide thread unless you have something in particular. Specialty thread cost extra, but 100% cotton is included. Feel free to drop me an email or call.

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