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Too busy to actually write something worthwhile so here’s a slide show of the year thus far!

Can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

I’ve been longarm quilting for 10 years now and quilted well over 2000 quilts in that time.  But there’s still something I haven’t achieved….. taking a imperfect quilt and making it perfect.

Recently a new client complained about my lack of design on her quilt compared to another’s she had seen.  The other quilt at the request of the quilter had parrots quilted on it to go with her fabrics and the intended recipient’s interests.   The new client’s was a rather simple design all solid fabrics.  She gave no preference for designs – to do what was best for the quilt.  So based on the size of the quilt, the piecing job, and in my opinion – a generous meandering was best.

I apologized that I hadn’t understood what she had wanted, but overall still felt it was best for the quilt.

Then she complained about some pleats & tucks…. well here I sit after a couple days of mulling this over.

My mentor has a policy – if the pieced top is not square or doesn’t lay flat, loose seams, wavy borders, etc – she returns it.  If the backing is too small, not squared, doesn’t lay flat because it was also pieced, etc.  She won’t quilt it.

Ten years ago – our family was struggling financially due to the crash in the housing market and husband’s job in construction.  I was willing to quilt anything and did – good, bad & ugly.

So over the years I’ve developed a reputation for being quite good at longarm quilting.  I’ve manage to make quilts I received better than I received them.  I’ve learned a few tricks to help ease in extra fullness in borders or hiding it a well place pleat.

But I can’t fix everything.  I can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear.