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Changes in the wind

Well my life came to a bit of a halt in June.  My dad had cataract surgery and due to being removed from his blood thinners, he had a second stroke – the first one was in 1996.  The next few weeks he would be in & out of the hospital.  On July 4th my dad finally passed.  I was grateful I had recently returned from visiting my parents in late April/early May, but it was difficult being so far away.  My husband & I flew to Washington State for the funeral and to help my mom adjust.  I had recently noted some inconsistencies in her memories & behaviors on my last few visits.  My siblings came on board with watching mom deal with dad’s hospital stays and death.  So I spent time taking her to dr appts., researching possible outside help, cleaning and promising to return to give relief to my siblings in taking care of her.

I returned home in late July and started getting back into quilting and life.  Speaking of life – our 9th grandchild is expected by month’s end and our 10th in January!  #9 will be living here with us – so I’ll be busy taking care of him once his mom returns to work in November.  So for now my quilting schedule for the rest of 2015 –

October  7  – 145 Art & Design in Culpeper (new location across the street); Cottonwood in Charlottesville; Quilt & Sew in Fredericksburg

October 21FINAL PICK UP FOR HOLIDAY QUILTS!!! at 145 Art & Design in Culpeper; Cottonwood in Charlottesville; Quilt & Sew in Fredericksburg

November ??? – I plan to make one trip in November to return all quilts in my possession.  You will be emailed or called when they are ready to pick up.

For those willing to drive to my home in Partlow or mail/ship – you have until October 31th to get quilts to me.

At this point I don’t know exactly what 2016 will bring. I know in January I will be heading to North Carolina for the birth of our 10th grandchild.  And sadly its’ been almost a year since we’ve been to Texas to see our grandchildren there – so a trip is desperately needed to see them.  And my mom – although I have several siblings on the West Coast to take care of her – they need some relief even if all I can give is a week or two a year.

I have no plans to end my business – I love quilting and working with your quilts too much, but my schedule will be erratic at times.  Please be sure to let me know if you have deadlines.

And for the favorite part…. your work & some of mine too!

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