A new year & quilting NEWS

Well its a new year!  The last several months have been an adjustment with my mom living with us, but we’ve finally fallen into somewhat of a rhythm with her.

Two quilt shops closed this fall!  So that meant coming up with alternate plans for deliveries & pick ups.

Fredericksburg area – Come on down to Partlow & see my studio!  Mom loves to chat if she’s here.  I enrolled her at a senior care center 3 days a week.  She loves it – she gets to chat with “new” people, play games & play the piano.  I get time to work without too many interruptions.  Please call for an appointment 540-846-9982.

Culpeper/Madison area – we are back in Madison.  The ladies at Tanner Interiors approached me about hosting as a delivery/pick up site. Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays between 10 am and 3 pm.  If these times don’t work for you, please let me know.

Tanner Interiors – Nancy Tanner & Lucille Broyles
542 Fairground Rd
Madison Va 22727
Farm, long driveway on Pratts side of Madison Primary School.
Sign at road.

I also signed up on Instagram as hummingbirdhollowcreation 

It’s a great way to follow what I’m up to at home & in the studio!  Your works will continue to be posted here on the blog! Here they are!

2 thoughts on “A new year & quilting NEWS

  1. You are so talented with your quilting Helen and when do you find the time to knit! The knitted capelet or top is beautiful. Sending wishes for a healthy and happy 2018.

  2. In the evenings or on road trips. Many years ago a friend suggested I do my knitting while Sam was driving – it kept me occupied versus critiquing his driving. And I’ve completed many a project in the car!

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