Not quite ready to get the blog going but it is ready & waiting for me to fine tune it by the first of the new year!

I’ll be posting quilting & sewing tips, my projects – quilts, designs & what-nots, favorite customer quilts and more.  Be sure to subscribe so you keep updated on news!


One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Hi Helen, I received your 2012 update. I cannot access your web site, the one with the prices and designs, so I was so happy to get your news. I’ve recommended several friends to you, and your work is wonderful. Could you send me your information on prices and how to access quilt designs? Also, do you sell the batting or must I provide it? I understand that you pick up the quilts at the local Quilt & Sew shop on Route 3. What days are you there, so that I can bring my wall hanging and backing (batting if needed) to you and discuss designs. Wishing you and your family a happy and health 2012.

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