Curved Bindings

There are plenty of blogs, how to, etc on the internet that give detail explanations on binding curves but I thought I’d share some things I learned while doing it on my newest grand daughter’s baby quilt.

So first thing DO NOT cut the curves.  I marked them and then basted all the layers together.

Bias binding is a must!  I made my own continuous bias binding – again plenty of blogs & how tos online.  I cut mine an inch and 3/4 wide and pressed it in half.  Other recommend single bias but I like to double mine.  I used the basting line as my guide placing the binding up to it and then stitching.

The tricky part is the inside corners – I stitched it 1/4 past the point before turning.

Leaving my needle down I turn the binding around the corner…

And continue sewing the binding down.  I did clip & trim the inside corners when I turned the binding to hand-stitch down.  If you use single bias binding you can probably avoid clipping the inside corners.  When hand-stitching the inside corners I found another quilter’s tips great.  Her site is –

Here’s the finished quilt!

And here’s my granddaughter!  My husband made the cradle – I added bumper pads & flannel sheets.

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