Catching Up on Quilting! And the Top Quilters for 2014

This blog post will be just that – all the quilts that I haven’t posted in the last 7 months.  And why!

Life is crazy busy and not just with quilting.  For the last year & a half I’ve been chauffeuring my youngest to all her outside the home activities as her siblings have grown up.  As a homeschooler you’d think we’d be home more than away but with a very artistic & talented child it can mean just the opposite. We are gone 3 days a week to music & art classes.  That has meant less time in the studio working on quilts during the schooling months.  And then there is the traveling….we now have 8 grandchildren in Virginia, North Carolina & Texas.  Sometimes we are traveling there and sometimes they are traveling here – either way it means less time at the quilting machine.

But I love quilting your quilts!!!

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*Top Quilters for 2014*

In 3rd place – Leann Shelor (7 quilts) $10 off first quilt of 2015

In 2nd place – Jackie Macuk & Pam Brackett (9 quilts) $15 off first quilt of 2015

And 1st place quilters for 2014 were Susan Oakley & Elaine Wurth (10 quilts)  $25 off first quilts for 2015

Happy Quilting ladies!  Next post – the new studio.

2 thoughts on “Catching Up on Quilting! And the Top Quilters for 2014

  1. This is Glory Gifford in Utah and I fed your son dinner last night. When he walked in and saw the quilting machine, we found out that you are a long arm quilter too. Then when I got on the site this morning, I see that you are a home schooling mom as well. Wow! We have a lot in common. We enjoyed meeting your Elder Smith and his companion. They serve two Stakes here, so we don’t get to have them in our home very often, but he seems a fine young man. So nice to know you are out there. Congrats on your new studio.


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