Slowing down…

I’ve kept pretty busy for the last several years – quilting, children, grandchildren, church, etc.  Recently I felt inspired to slow down.  I let my clients know that I was only scheduling 2 quilts a week versus the 5-7 I had been doing.  I was released from overseeing the children’s program in our church.  And I paused.

So for the last month I’ve been working in my gardens, tending my bees, playing my piano, studying my scriptures, finished embroidery on two shirts for my husband (last year’s Father’s Day gifts from my daughters), worked on a quilt I’ve been working on for about 3 years, traveled to Tacoma to visit my parents, attended my youngest daughter’s spring concerts, relaxed in the evenings with my husband, went strawberry picking with my grandchildren, and… done a few quilts.  And yes this was slowing down in my book.

I’m still waiting… I know the Lord has something coming around the corner, that he wanted to give me a chance to breathe.  In the meantime I’m enjoying the sun, my gardens and quilting.

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