Battings – they can make a difference!

Everyone always asks “Is this batting okay?”  And I always say, “I’ll use whatever you hand me.”  BUT  I have my favorite!  And I’m going to tell you why.

I love Quilter’s Dream – any of their battings!   They are so soft – if they held up, I’d wrap up in the batting alone.  I never have to worry about the batting being scrunched at the end of the roll as it comes nicely folded.  They lay out nice & flat – no puckers.  They are evenly weighted.  This is critical!  Many battings are thick & thin in spots – wrecks havoc with the thread tension causing pokeys generally on the back side, but none the less not good.

I realize that having a coupon for Joann’s means getting batting for a whole lot less but please consider how much you’ve spent on the fabric, how much time you’ve spent sewing it together and then seriously consider going to your local quilt shop and getting Quilter’s Dream batting.  You won’t regret how great your quilt will look & feel.

Here’s what you’ve been doing this month, what I’ve been working on and some of batting – good & bad:

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