Making progress on UFOs!

I’ve been married for almost 31 years (two days shy of this post)!   UFOs were part of the package unbeknownst to my husband.  One in particular is nearly as old as I am.  It is an embroidered coffee table runner that I started about age 6.  My grandmother & mother taught me and over the years I slowly worked on it – for years.  IMG_0360 IMG_0362Do you notice the differences between the red work & the pink work?  About 10 years of practicing.  This is one UFO I will never finish but I will also never part with.  I have used it to show my own daughters that it takes time to perfect a craft.  They don’t believe it until about 10 years have gone by – lol.

I have a few boxes of UFOs I’ve collected over the years  – many are things I gave a try, and just didn’t pursue further.  Others like cross-stitching I still enjoy doing – but I have a few UFOs of those too.  Mainly I finish the stitching but never get them framed & displayed.

I even have a few quilting UFOs – okay more than a few.

What UFOs have you collected through the years?  And if you don’t have any….. WHY NOT?

Here’s what you’ve been doing ~No UFO’s here!

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And my current quilting project – well I’m still working on January’s block!


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