New Studio!!! WOO HOO!!!

Well it took more time than I had planned and there are still lots of odds & ends but here’s a photo slideshow of the process!

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Tonight – this is how the studio generally looks.

From the closet - project wall - ironing board - cutting table - thread wall  - sewing table.

From the closet – project wall – ironing board – cutting table – thread wall – sewing table.

Scrapbooking corner - office - longarm machine - bobbin winder/file cabinet.

Scrapbooking corner – office – longarm machine – bobbin winder/file cabinet.

Catching Up on Quilting! And the Top Quilters for 2014

This blog post will be just that – all the quilts that I haven’t posted in the last 7 months.  And why!

Life is crazy busy and not just with quilting.  For the last year & a half I’ve been chauffeuring my youngest to all her outside the home activities as her siblings have grown up.  As a homeschooler you’d think we’d be home more than away but with a very artistic & talented child it can mean just the opposite. We are gone 3 days a week to music & art classes.  That has meant less time in the studio working on quilts during the schooling months.  And then there is the traveling….we now have 8 grandchildren in Virginia, North Carolina & Texas.  Sometimes we are traveling there and sometimes they are traveling here – either way it means less time at the quilting machine.

But I love quilting your quilts!!!

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*Top Quilters for 2014*

In 3rd place – Leann Shelor (7 quilts) $10 off first quilt of 2015

In 2nd place – Jackie Macuk & Pam Brackett (9 quilts) $15 off first quilt of 2015

And 1st place quilters for 2014 were Susan Oakley & Elaine Wurth (10 quilts)  $25 off first quilts for 2015

Happy Quilting ladies!  Next post – the new studio.

A New Year of Quilting – A New Quilting Studio

I don’t think I ever realize how much time has gone by since my last post until I finally sit down to do a new post.   I’d like to say this year I’ll be better but…. well blogging is not at the top of my “to do” list. The last few months have been busy ones.  I’ve done some traveling back & forth to North Carolina, had a family reunion, traveled to Salt Lake City and more back & forth to North Carolina.   And finished lots of quilts!

I’m moving my office & quilting room out of the dungeon!  In the coming weeks my daughter & I will be tackling moving, painting, flooring, and more moving.  We have a huge room over the garage that we’ve been using as a playroom for our kids & grandkids – no more.  It will be my studio – lots of room and a WINDOW to the outside! So here’s a peek at where I’ve been working…. distorted views because I used my iPhone to do a panoramic view

The "quilting" room.

The “quilting” room.

The "office" and "everything else" room

The “office” and “everything else” room

And here’s where I’m heading to… two flights of stairs….

Future home of Hummingbird Hollow Creations

Future home of Hummingbird Hollow Creations

Tentative plans for the new studio

And with not keeping the blog up to date on a monthly basis, I have a ton of your quilts to show off!  Rest assured that there will be a spot to hang & photograph your quilts in a much better setting than currently!

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Last bit of news –

That Little Quilt Shop in Madison, Virginia has moved.    Noreen Smith, the owner, also has a store in Culpeper, Virginia called 145 Art & Design Studio (located at 145 E Davis Street, Culpeper, Virginia) and has decided to combine the two.    She has a closet all ready for your quilts.  Parking is located in the back – you can also go into her shop from the back – dark red brick building, wooden stairs – located at the left(northwest) corner of the parking lot.  Parking lot is on northwest corner of E. Culpeper Street & S. East Street.

I will also be continuing drop-offs & pick-ups at Cottonwood located at 2035 Barracks Road in Charlottesville  and at Quilt & Sew located at 3940 Plank Road, Suite N in Fredericksburg.

1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month are my typical days for drop-offs & pick-ups.  Fredericksburg area customers  – flexible as I go into Fredericksburg a few days a week – just let me know when something is ready for me.   And your always welcome to come visit me – the new studio will have a corner just for you to visit!

Also – look for Hummingbird Hollow Creations at Pinterest and on Facebook.

Catching Up!

As usual I’m falling behind in keeping up with the blog. You’d think once a month wouldn’t be so bad – but other things tend to take priority. Right now I’ve got some down time – waiting for newest grand baby to make his arrival! False alarm brought me down to North Carolina early but I’m not turning around now. In the meantime I can catch up on the blog!

How about a short quiz on quilting?
Let’s do quilting tools…
1) On free motion quilting are you feed dogs up, down or do you send the quilt top to your favorite longarm quilter?
2) What are your needles of choice for hand quilting – crewel, betweens, sharp, or milliners – or do you say heck with hand quilting and again send to your favorite longarm quilter?
3) A grapefruit spoon is helpful with what technique – machine appliqué, machine quilting, hand appliqué?
4) Quilting templates can be made from – cardboard, plastic, reefer paper, vellum or all of the above? What’s your favorite?
5) What foot is most useful for straight line machine quilting – darning, walking, quarter-inch, open-toe or do you just take the quilt to your favorite longarm quilter?
























You’ve all been busy! Working from my iPad so I couldn’t do the slide show and you’ll notice that the display ranged from the ping pong table to my quilting machine. There were three of my own tossed in there -two for extended family, one for a friend. Did another for a friend but forgot to take a picture. I have been working on my blocks and of course the newest grandson’s quilt is finished too!



Nathan tries out his baby brother’s quilt!

How’d you do on the quiz? The one that threw me was the grapefruit spoon!
1) feed dogs down
2) betweens
3) machine quilting – removing basting safety pins.
4) All of the above
5) walking

Happy Quilting!

When A Ping-Pong Table Just Won’t Do!


How To Display Your Quilts

So if you haven’t noticed I use a ping-pong table to drape your quilts on for the photo.   I face two problems – lighting and not be able to display the entire quilt.  And of course for long-term displaying – well a ping-pong table just won’t do.

Now sometimes if I have some able bodies in the house and I have them hold it up in my family room where natural light is optimum or for the larger quilts to hold it over our second floor catwalk that looks over the family room.  Great lighting and you get to see the whole quilt.  But I depend on able bodies – which are decreasing even as I type.

Well I’ve been looking at some options floating around on the web — and some I’ve ran across at some at quilt shops.

Here’s what I’ve found:

Hmmm… OK but needs a sleeve.    Not an option when they aren’t my quilts.  Even my own quilts I don’t want to bother with a sleeve.  Of course if you don’t mind sleeves – any nice curtain rod will do.

This same company makes a hang-up booth like for quilt shows – time-consuming, need to pin the quilts to the curtain – most definitely not a good long-term solution.

Using PVC pipe –

Not particularly appealing – get the same results as the ping-pong table in that you don’t see the whole quilt.

Now I have seen a PVC pipe hanger that I’ve considered  in another long arm quilter’s studio.  She was hiring the guy to make them and then she would sell them – don’t know if it ever happened.  Anyway – the guy cut a slot down the pipe the entire length, sanded the edges and added end-caps.  You simply removed one end cap and slid the quilt down the slot – the binding would be enough bulk to keep the quilt edge inside the pipe.  What I can’t remember is how it was mounted to the wall – maybe before you put the quilt it you could screw the pipe to the wall?  You’d have to drill a tap hole to keep the pipe from shattering – but that is definitely something I should follow-up on.  And you can paint the pipe to match your walls to boot!

Another is a giant like clothes pin –

I’ve also considered taking a 1×4 and screwing clothes pins to it every 6-8 inches.

Lighting is a big obstacle – generally I take the photos in the basement – no natural light, and the fluorescents are down to one bulb.  Problem escalating. Hmmm.  I really would like to take them outside to photograph… hmmm.  Maybe husband can build large self-supporting frame with clothes pins???

Backs of couches, old fashion quilt racks, cedar chests, ends of beds – are all great place to display your handy work.  I have an old treadle machine that I plan to put an unfinished top on someday.

What do you use to display your quilt?

Here’s what you’ve been doing the last month or so – displayed on my ping-pong table until I come up with something better – which better be soon because the lighting is doing a number on the photos this month.  And a couple of my projects in recent weeks too.

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Making progress on UFOs!

I’ve been married for almost 31 years (two days shy of this post)!   UFOs were part of the package unbeknownst to my husband.  One in particular is nearly as old as I am.  It is an embroidered coffee table runner that I started about age 6.  My grandmother & mother taught me and over the years I slowly worked on it – for years.  IMG_0360 IMG_0362Do you notice the differences between the red work & the pink work?  About 10 years of practicing.  This is one UFO I will never finish but I will also never part with.  I have used it to show my own daughters that it takes time to perfect a craft.  They don’t believe it until about 10 years have gone by – lol.

I have a few boxes of UFOs I’ve collected over the years  – many are things I gave a try, and just didn’t pursue further.  Others like cross-stitching I still enjoy doing – but I have a few UFOs of those too.  Mainly I finish the stitching but never get them framed & displayed.

I even have a few quilting UFOs – okay more than a few.

What UFOs have you collected through the years?  And if you don’t have any….. WHY NOT?

Here’s what you’ve been doing ~No UFO’s here!

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And my current quilting project – well I’m still working on January’s block!


Battings – they can make a difference!

Everyone always asks “Is this batting okay?”  And I always say, “I’ll use whatever you hand me.”  BUT  I have my favorite!  And I’m going to tell you why.

I love Quilter’s Dream – any of their battings!   They are so soft – if they held up, I’d wrap up in the batting alone.  I never have to worry about the batting being scrunched at the end of the roll as it comes nicely folded.  They lay out nice & flat – no puckers.  They are evenly weighted.  This is critical!  Many battings are thick & thin in spots – wrecks havoc with the thread tension causing pokeys generally on the back side, but none the less not good.

I realize that having a coupon for Joann’s means getting batting for a whole lot less but please consider how much you’ve spent on the fabric, how much time you’ve spent sewing it together and then seriously consider going to your local quilt shop and getting Quilter’s Dream batting.  You won’t regret how great your quilt will look & feel.

Here’s what you’ve been doing this month, what I’ve been working on and some of batting – good & bad:

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Year End Quilting New

2012 is coming to a close!  Hummingbird Hollow Creation’s biggest highlight & achievement – my longarm machine is PAID in full!  In preparation knowing it would be paid off by the end of 2012 I decided to reward a customer each month during the upcoming year with $100 of quilting during 2013.

Here’s the list of winners!

January – Marianna Baier

February – Betty Wimmer

March – Dorothy Hinkes

April – Sandi King

May – Kasey Miller

June – Helen Graham

July – Lisa Hansen

August – Karen Darby

September – Dot Clear

October – Estalla Harris

November – Monike Moody

December – LeAnn Sholer

2012 Prolific Quilters!  Ties in all 3 places!

1st Place — Pam Brackett & Jackie Macuk for 11 quilts.  $20 off your first 2013 quilt!

2nd Place – Helen Graham & Barbara McVeigh for 9 quilts.  $15 off your first 2013 quilt!

3rd Place – Sandi King, Kathy Law, and Betty Wimmer for 6 quilts. $10 off your first 2013 quilt!

I’ve been asked in the past how many quilts I personally make – not as many as usual – but 3 very important ones for 3 new grandbabies!  And then another 11 for great nieces & nephews – still have another 4 to finish and even more to get started on!

2013 I have plans for two quilt just for me!  Both hand applique – I love the look!  One is a Block of the Month with Shabby Fabrics called Peppermint Place.  If you haven’t ran across them – they have some beautiful patterns & fabrics.   And the other was a Block of the Month with Honey Bee Fabrics  but I was late in signing up, so I purchased the pattern Baltimore Autumn quilt and will be scavenging for the fabrics in the coming months.

Here’s what you have all been doing the last few months!

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Have a wonderful 2013!

Curved Bindings

There are plenty of blogs, how to, etc on the internet that give detail explanations on binding curves but I thought I’d share some things I learned while doing it on my newest grand daughter’s baby quilt.

So first thing DO NOT cut the curves.  I marked them and then basted all the layers together.

Bias binding is a must!  I made my own continuous bias binding – again plenty of blogs & how tos online.  I cut mine an inch and 3/4 wide and pressed it in half.  Other recommend single bias but I like to double mine.  I used the basting line as my guide placing the binding up to it and then stitching.

The tricky part is the inside corners – I stitched it 1/4 past the point before turning.

Leaving my needle down I turn the binding around the corner…

And continue sewing the binding down.  I did clip & trim the inside corners when I turned the binding to hand-stitch down.  If you use single bias binding you can probably avoid clipping the inside corners.  When hand-stitching the inside corners I found another quilter’s tips great.  Her site is –

Here’s the finished quilt!

And here’s my granddaughter!  My husband made the cradle – I added bumper pads & flannel sheets.